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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I am proud of this, and not only because the product exceeded all of my expectations, but because it is a clear demonstration of how I work through a problem.  

When failure is not an option, one must discover a way around all obstacles.  This is how I approach everything.  On a previous page, I mentioned a project that was under a heavy time constraint.  with all color change projects in my past experience, I took the time and painted the door jambs separately from the rest of the vehicle.  With that truck, we did not have the time to make that happen, so we did what we had to do to finish the job on time.  

Another project where I built a bicycle, I needed to have a wide range of gear ratios while keeping weight to a  minimum  the solution was to utilize components in a way that simply was not done by typical bicycle shops.  The final result blended Italian road components with Japanese mountain bike components.  This enabled the rider to hit high speeds on flats and down hill, while conserving energy on the up hills. and all was done in a way that saved more than a pound.

I utilize my innivative thinking in every project, big or small.


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