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Computer Builder and Network Engineer


Since I was a kid, I played with computers.  I learned some of the peculiarities of various old school operating systems, and I even learned how to do some programming.  However, I quickly discovered that this was not a passion of mine, so I dropped computers for a while.  

Every now and again I would catch up with the technology and while programs changed, the basics seemed to stay the same.  In the mid 1990's I discovered the internet was dramatically different from what I had experienced just 5 years before, but it took another year and a half before I picked up the proverbial ball and ran with it.  Needing a new, better, and faster computer, I performed my research and built one that suited my needs. Using a processor manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices, I chose the processor because it could be over clocked and therefore I would have more processing power for my money.  I bought one of the largest hard drives on the market (7 gigabytes) never imagining what I would ever do with so much space!  I installed windows 95 and thought that nothing could be better.  

Needless to say that I am still adding new levels of wrongness to my 1998 assessment!  Given my interest in building computers, networking, wireless networking, and network security was a natural progression.  I feel as comfortable using Linux as I do Windows, and though my experience is not as extensive in Linux, I feel at ease working in virtually all of the Linux distributions.

Just a couple of the more practical software collections I am familiar with and use regularly.  I used some of the Adobe in the creation of this web page.



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