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The Early Years

From the age of seven I began fixing things, and I even tried my hand at painting!  The years went by, and my friends would bring their skateboards and bicycles over for me to fix.  While success was not always immediate, I worked at each problem  until the right solution presented itself.  

Once I reached the age of 10, my parents decided that it was probably best that I start going to the family owned auto collision shop during the summer.  While it probably had more to do with my hobby of Herpetology, particularly as it related to an incident when I brought home a copperhead snake and put it in an empty fish tank.

However it worked out, the first couple of summers were not all that productive from a learning perspective, but there was a turning point when a friend of mine brought his dad's car over.  My father was away from the shop for a few hours, and my unlicensed buddy had damaged his dad's car.  I not only did the repair, but I also painted it to look passable!  It was from that point when body work became something more than playtime at the shop.   I worked at it for the next several years and it was during this time that I painted my first over-all job, which, to this day, I remember every detail from start to finish!  I was very fortunate to have my father there to give me pointers, words of wisdom, and to tell me how bad things were looking!  This last bit actually created a belief in myself and my abilities. Whenever there was a project that I had not previously attempted, I worked on it.  My beliefs in myself lead me to the conclusion that one cannot learn effectively by sitting on the sidelines.


Making Decisions, Solving Problems, and Public Speaking



Every time I have come up against a problem, I found a solution!  I pride myself on my researching skills, but I am also not afraid to ask people with experience, in whatever problem I am solving, how they worked the problem out, and sometimes, a little help speeds up the process.  

I also pride myself on my creativity.  At one point I needed a spray lubricant that was non caustic to carbon/kevlar composit.  Having found nothing that suited my needs, I branched out and invented my own spray lubricant that was effective, non flammable, non caustic, and even non toxic!  (complete with EPA certification)  On a side note, The decision to create my own was made immediately, once I discovered there was nothing that suited my needs available.  To quote an armed forces slogan:  "The difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer"

Using Skills learned through Toastmasters International, I have been more confident when I speak about various topics to the public.  Whether it be a story about the Royal Gorge, (pictured at the top of the page) or delivering a technical presentation using power point (without putting my audience to sleep,)  I have the ability to teach people the technical aspects of  every skill I posess.  

Finally, whether it be Layout / Painting, Colision Work, Computer / Network Design, or inventing something that previously did not exist, bigger problems generate a higher level of satisfaction once the solution is realized..


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