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While I am not able to post photos of the work I do while it is in process, I was able to use photos of these airships from their respective websites.  One of the first projects that I worked on once joining the Straube team was the ERA layout scheme.  This is the typical design of these helicopters, and is done on a regular basis.

To the left is a photo of an AW139 as it arrived at the 2012 HAI show.  I buffed this ship before it left AgustaWestland Facility in Northeast Philadelphia, and even after eight plus hours of flight through rainstorms, it required nothing other than a quick towel off before being shown.

Big Trucks

  The owner of this needed it to match the rest of his fleet, and he needed it back within 3 days.  In order to make this happen, day one was spent disassembling and sanding.  Day two was spent finishing the prepping / taping process, and I began painting around 2:30 PM.  Even dropping the airbags, there was limited clearance between the roof of this truck and the ceiling of the paint room, so it was necessary to adjust the gun, constantly, throughout the painting process.  All doors started out open in order to spray the door jambs at the same time as the rest of the truck.  The final day was spent nib sanding and re-assembling this truck.  

It was delivered late in the afternoon on the third day.


My Invention.  

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